Guilt, Regret, Embarrassment

Three years ago today, the horror/sci-fi community lost a legend - Dan O’Bannon. Dan was best known as the writer of such classics as Alien, Lifeforce, Total Recall, Dark Star, Dead and Buried, and Blue Thunder amongst others. He also wrote and directed my favorite film of all time, The Return of the Living Dead. I could go on and on about the impact this film had on my life, and how influential it was to me, but if you’ve been following my Tumblr long enough, you already know all of that. I just wanted to take a second today to pay tribute to an incredibly talented man, who is still missed to this day.

I’m so lucky I got to meet Dan before he passed, and I’m glad I got to tell him how much his fun little zombie movie means to me.

R.I.P Dan.

Scott and I with the cast/crew of The Return of the Living Dead. This pic was taken in August of 2008. 

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