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Hey guys! As some of you many know already, I recently retrieved my movie poster/memorabilia collection from my childhood home. I’ve been collecting for nearly 30 years so I have some really cool stuff. I’ll be selling a good chunk of the collection to help finance my upcoming wedding. Here are a few pieces. These are all original theatrical vinyl banners sent to theatres by the studios to promote their movies. These were never sold commercially, and are all pretty rare. I’ll be posting more as I sort through the collection and get photos.

  1. Child’s Play 2 banner. It measures roughly 12 feet by 3 feet. It’s in fair condition - a little worn. It has 4 grommets for hanging - 1 on each corner. It also has adhesive velcro strips on each corner. 
  2. Jurassic Park banner. This one measures approx. 5 feet by 4 feet. It’s in excellent condition. It also has grommets and velcro on each corner.
  3. Arachnophobia banner. This measures roughly 10 feet by 3 feet. It’s also in excellent condition. It has grommets in each corner for easy hanging. Not sure if this one has velcro, though I think it does.
  4. Encino Man banner. This measures approx. 10 feet by 3 feet. It’s in excellent condition and has grommets and velcro.
  5. Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead banner. This one is about 10 feet by 3 1/2 feet and is in excellent condition. It also has grommets and velcro for easy hanging.

I’m asking $150 for each banner. Shipping included (these things are pretty damn heavy, so shipping is going to cost me a lot). If you’re interested hit me up. I can send better pics upon request. I’m also open to offers if you’re interested in buying more than one or whatever. Just ask.

Once I get through my extensive poster collection, I’ll be posting lots of that as well. I’ll also have a list of all posters and their conditions too, which I can send out upon request. I’ll let you know when that’s ready to go.


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