Guilt, Regret, Embarrassment

Shitty cell phone video of Faith No More playing a brand new song (possibly called “Leader of Men”) at Hyde Park in London over the weekend. This song fucking RULES. Any doubts I had about them making new music or a new record are gone after hearing this.

Here’s hoping we get a new record (and a U.S. tour) soon.

They Might Be Giants Are Currently Offering a Live Recording of Their 1986 Self-Titled Debut Album as a Free Download.
Click the link above to get it for yourself.

Mogwai “Remurdered” live at Glastonbury 2014.

Probably my favorite song on Rave Tapes.

Bob Mould Live on KCRW

Bob Mould will be performing live on KCRW at about 11:15am. That’s in about 20 minutes.

You can stream it live right here.

I had a dream last night that Rachel and I were at a waterfront concert where the seats were on land, but the stage was floating out in the water 20 or 30 feet off shore. The bands playing were Guns ‘n Roses and Live. GNR went on first and played about 15 minutes. After they finished, I spotted Axl in the crowd signing autographs, so for some reason I went over and asked him to sign my shirt (the shirt had the name of the corporation that sponsored the concert on the front in huge font, and GNR on the back in a really small font). I finally got up to Axl and kept saying “Axl, Axl can you sign my shirt?” It was only as the guy was signing my shirt that I realized it wasn’t actually Axl, just some big fat aging rocker who looked like Axl and played in GNR. He signed my shirt though. Twice.

After this fiasco, I couldn’t find Rachel, so I texted her. I wanted to make sure we watched Live together. Suddenly, several people from my high school class showed up - they were all giddy about seeing Live. The band took the stage and opened up with “I Alone.” They cut that song short though to go into one of their later-era crappy, sappy ballads. When that started, a married couple joined them on stage and danced and cried. Apparently this pile-of-shit song was their wedding jam or something.

I woke up with “I Alone” stuck in my head.


Mid-90s was definitely the nadir for it. I saw a pit during Beck in ‘96.

I got knocked on my ass at a….GIN BLOSSOMS “pit” in 94. 

I went to the MTV 120 Minutes Tour in 1992 with Public Image Ltd., Big Audio Dynamite II, Live (who were touring on their just released first record, Mental Jewelry), and Blind Melon (who didn’t even have an album or a single out yet, so no one knew who they were). There were mosh pits for all 4 fucking bands. Can you imagine moshing to fucking “No Rain” by Blind Melon?? Absurd.

Treepeople “Liquid Boy” & “Radio Man” (Live in Olympia, WA, 1991)

This is fantastic. Sure wish I could have seen them live.

I hurt you ‘cuz I don’t wanna hurt myself…

A gorgeous, professionally shot The Twilight Sad mini-set at Chelsea in Vienna, Austria on April 19 of this year. 

God, this is SO fucking good.

The Afghan Whigs - Debonair
169 plays

The Afghan Whigs “Debonair (Live at the Fonda Theatre 11/09/12)”

My buddy bootlegged the Afghan Whigs show Rachel and I went to on Friday. Stoked.

"Albatross." #pil

"Albatross." #pil



Last night, Frank Turner's new hardcore band, Mongol Horde played their first ever show in London. And someone filmed it. Rad.

How fucking amazing is this? So good to see/hear Frank doing punk rock again.

Also, they have a song called “Stillborn Unicorn,” and it doesn’t get much more awesome than that.

Elbow “Bitten By The Tailfly” Live in the UK, 2002.

Man, I had forgotten how incredible Asleep in the Back is. Such a solid album. Damn near perfect. I saw them twice when they toured for this record and they absolutely blew me away. Haven’t seen them since though - I wonder if they’re still this incredible live. 

Mogwai “Killing All The Flies” live at the Fonda Theatre, Hollywood, California, June 2, 2012.

The guy filming this was sitting right in front of us. You can hear me cheering at the beginning. I love how perfectly clear the audio is until the song peaks, and then it’s barely listenable. Ha ha.

True Widow at the Blue Star, Los Angeles, CA, 06/01/12.

True Widow at the Blue Star, Los Angeles, CA, 06/01/12.